It will be interesting to see how the numbers come out for the run size. Thing is it rained early and not just the usual bump in Oct but in Sept and following weeks big time. Everything that is " normal " left with Elvis. Inland fisheries prospered and tidal fisheries tanked. When the QIN went in they were fishing on just what was moving day to day as the early part of the runs were way upstream. That fish kept moving was apparent as the areas where they finally stopped would fill up with fish then fade then fill up again. The movement of Coho was a bit strange. All bright in tidal but no sea lice. So it was not a stampede or many would have lice but they were not hanging around either as no color. The old saying held true. Rain early the inland fisheries prosper but rain late tidal fisheries boom.

One thing that the models do not show is just how we make escapement. The peak weeks of any species is about peak based on harvest not the fish. The Chehalis is unique in that it almost always blows with rain in the first part of Nov to mid month. Mud logs just everything come ripping down the river and no tribal, NT commercial or Rec fisheries are possible and a huge portion of the runs move. So we wait but one thing for sure is a dream come true for inland fisheries and tidal fishers worse nightmare.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in