This was forwarded by Kim & Barbara from Region 6. This is different.

Hi Folks,

As you all are aware the first advisory group meetings for Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay pre-season planning are slated for the week of March 19th. I would like to make you aware of changes in the WDFW organizational structure as it relates to policy implementation and management of fisheries in the coastal marine estuaries of southwest Washington. In an effort to streamline the management structure and mitigate additional duties that policy implementation has created for regional staff we intend to align policy implementation responsibilities with that of Puget Sound and the Columbia River. For these areas the policy implementation and management oversight originates more directly through the Intergovernmental Salmon Management Unit out of our headquarters office in Olympia.

To that end, the Department has created a South Coast Fishery Policy lead. Primary duties of the position will be the implementation of our Commission policies for Willapa Bay (C-3622) and Grays Harbor
Salmon Management (C-3621) as well as other applicable policies. The position will have responsibilities for the pre-season planning process associated with North of Falcon (NOF) as well as in-season management and will report directly to the Statewide Salmon and Steelhead Fishery Manager Kirt Hughes. All regional staff will continue their work in District 17 (the watersheds of Willapa Bay and Gray Harbor) and continue to report to the Region 6 Regional Fish Program Manager, Annette Hoffmann.

I am pleased to announce that Chad Herring has agreed to fill this position on an acting basis in order to complete the NOF process. Chad has been working in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor fisheries management since 2012, most recently as the Willapa Bay Policy Implementation Biologist since 2015.
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