This is interesting as it is and attempt to alter the Willapa Advisers and the process. I doubt it will go far but I think one can see the path the Commercial interest and the South Coast legislators are on.



State of Washington 64th Legislature 2016 Regular Session By Representatives Rossetti, Orcutt, and Blake
Read first time 01/13/16. Referred to Committee on Agriculture & Natural Resources.

1 AN ACT Relating to the distinction among the roles of
2 governmental employee participants and nongovernmental employee
3 participants on work groups established by the director of the
4 department of fish and wildlife; and amending RCW 77.04.120.


6 Sec. 1. RCW 77.04.120 and 2000 c 107 s 3 are each amended to
7 read as follows:
8 (1) The director shall investigate the habits, supply, and
9 economic use of food fish and shellfish in state and offshore waters.
10 (2) The director shall make an annual report to the governor on
11 the operation of the department and the statistics of the fishing
12 industry.
13 (3) Subject to RCW 40.07.040, the director shall provide a
14 comprehensive biennial report of all departmental operations to the
15 chairs of the committees on natural resources of the senate and house
16 of representatives, the senate ways and means committee, and the
17 house of representatives appropriations committee, including one copy
18 to the staff of each of the committees, to reflect the previous
19 fiscal period. The format of the report shall be similar to reports
20 issued by the department from 1964-1970 and the report shall include,
21 but not be limited to, descriptions of all department activities

1 including: Revenues generated, program costs, capital expenditures,
2 personnel, special projects, new and ongoing research, environmental
3 controls, cooperative projects, intergovernmental agreements, and
4 outlines of ongoing litigation, recent court decisions and orders on
5 major issues with the potential for state liability. The report shall
6 describe the status of the resource and its recreational, commercial,
7 and tribal utilization. The report shall be made available to the
8 public.
9 (4) In the director's execution of this section or any other duty
10 or responsibility of the department, the director may appoint and
11 utilize work groups, task forces, subcommittees, and other formally
12 recognized and designated processes that are intended to collect,
13 process, or disseminate expertise and opinions from other state
14 agencies, other levels of government, Indian tribes, constituent
15 groups, and unaffiliated citizens. Any process utilized by the
16 director that includes the participation of nongovernmental
17 employees, or a person acting in a nongovernmental role, must, unless
18 otherwise specifically designated by an act of the legislature, be
19 chaired by a nongovernmental participant and not by an employee of
20 the department. Employees of the department must be limited to staff
21 support and levels of participation less than that traditionally
22 bestowed upon the chair.

--- END ---
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in