Two more updates, well sorta. DW has stayed with the Wynoochee Mitigation issue and the 25 YEARS of failure of WDF&W to meet the legal requirements for mitigation fish. E mails to the Director and Commission almost monthly and I am sure all will be shocked and appalled to know that now nobody will respond to the simple question. What progress is staff making on the issue ? Dead silence again. You got to love these guys! The Director even told the Commission at a hearing he would report back for all to know MONTHS ago. F minus here Mr. Unsworth.

The other issue is not a barn burner but the USGS is doing some Spring Chinook Radio tracking and a report is supposed to be out and about some place. So I asked R-6 staff and they helped chase it down. This was forwarded to me.

The report went through the internal USGS review process and is now being finalized. I expect the final report to be available the beginning of August.[i][/i]

So we wait on this also but at least it appears to be crawling its way down the road.

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