The FTC thread can be about what anyone wants to put up Doc. If folks feel it is relevant or interesting fine post it in this thread. If you or I or don't fell it is relevant or interesting that is fine also as it is all about the sharing of information and thoughts. That said things will cross back and forth but I think the ocean intercept is of such great importance that all should follow the " Big Lie " thread for sure.

Yes, absent those many hatchery Chinook in SE AK waters, the fleet would take an even higher % of NORs. But it's those hatchery Chinook that buoy up the fishery, and absent the massive numbers of hatchery fish, they soon wouldn't be making gas money to be out there catching the few NORs. This would definitely be about playing hardball.

I think you got it SG but along with that comes no the other shoe. No hatchery fish we do not fish also. Interesting little box we and the fish are in.

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