Been looking into the AHA model a little more, and not liking what I am seeing. Generally you dont want to use model estimates from one model as if they were data in another model. In the AHA model, they use EDT model estimates to populate the habitat attributes of the AHA model. That is likely to compound the error of both models. Results are therefore very uncertain, and since EDT uses expert opinion where reliable data dont exist I just wouldnt put too much faith in the AHA model outputs. Someone can correct me if I am not understanding how this all works, there is little information I can find on line.

I see there was an independent technical review by the ISRP of the AHA model conducted, does anyone have a copy of that to share? Would be interesting to see what they had to say.

May not matter, since the WDFW is all wrapped around the axel with conflicting Policy objectives vs the fishery they have to manage.