And some more but some I cannot post as ah ............... a bit colorful?

Don't know what kind of crap they are pulling, but, I was at the Wishkah hatchery today and talked to the people and they said they are getting very few silvers but quite a few dogs. They are working hard to get the last few Chinook. Yet as you can see they are opening the upper Wishkah. Is this a ploy to allow the QIN in the rivers? Trust no one!!! E---

Mr. Thiesfeld......looks like discrimination to the old, disabled mom and pop fisher that uses a small boat and kicker motor.

Funneling everyone in short stretches of river......who's idea was that?

On the Hump look at the access areas.......from the low end private lease land ..the only options to combat fish or buy a drift boat??????????????????

I was born here 63 years, 8 months ago...........where the hell is the West Wishkah Bridge?

Dave what on earth are those people think they are doing? [Bleeeeep!] they are going to get more Chinook than Coho in the area they opened on the Satsop than hatchery Silvers. Just who in Montesano came up with this garbage?
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in