This came in last night and it is a question to WDF&W from a Rec.

Washington Sport Fishing Rules…….Confusion…..Page 26 under Chehalis River…..SALMON Sept. 16 to Jan. 31 Daily limit 6 Only 1 adult may be retained. Release wild CHINOOK and wild COHO.

During the September 16th fishery, the “Daily limit 6 Only, RELEASE WILD CHINOOK AND WILD COHO, was mentioned by sportfishermen…….many Coho and Chinook jacks were released because the fish were not clipped.

Was the intent “of the printed regulation, to release unclipped jack salmon, both Coho and Chinook?????????”

This confusion needs to be corrected, quickly, as there is an active jack fishery going on.

Answer to the question is no you do not have to release jacks within the 6 fish limit. The words " release wild Chinook and wild Coho" is the normal identification for adults. Jacks are a subset in salmon referred to differently and it would say release all unclipped salmon and jacks if you could not retain. Oh correcting the confusion with another press release that most do not read would do little.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in