My e mail has gone to a reoccurring theme as to questions on the Grays Harbor & Willapa commercial seasons. So no I do not know the final season lay out for either and WDF&W has time with the APA process ( CR 102 to create the WAC ) in GH as it is 60 days after submission with two public comment periods.

That said the current Director and AG ( Attorney General's staff ) assigned to WDF&W have used the CR 103 or Emergency Rule Change to circumvent the APA process before. Yes you can sue them but unless you prove financial dislocation it will finish up legally AFTER the season and why the guides have not used this route is beyond me. Also interesting how WDF&W utilizes this to fend off citizens more or less enraged over being screwed one more time.

So in Grays Harbor they could get to mid August before dropping the Commercial CR 102 as it will be late Oct before time is available under the 3 consecutive net free days. No I do not know how Region 6 gets around the issue that Humptulips Wild Coho have not made escapement for 23 years. It should not effect the in river Rec as it will be C&R on Wild with a low hooking mortality but 2C both Commercial & sport no idea as the numbers are very much in the minus column for escapement before ANY harvest with much higher release mortalities.

It is my understanding that the proposed QIN seasons DO NOT violate any court agreed to escapement goals as they get 50% of the harvestable at the bar. The separation of the Hump and Chehalis is a WDF&W thing that the QIN DID NOT agree to and are NOT bound by. It does create problems for Region 6 in that the Recs can mold around the QIN seasons but NOT so the NT nets. WDF&W really has problems getting away from this Indian vs White Boy thing with commercial fisheries.

In Willapa WDF&W is close to or out of time for the infamous Commercial Dip In fishery in 2T. More commonly know as the screw the REC and Wild Chinook this lovely piece of unholy crap takes place in late July or early August. They have time for the remaining commercial fisheries.

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