From my spot things have been a bit slow and still are. We had few jacks, more Chinook than Coho, everything moving right through. Two days ago stated showing better as well as adults. Yesterday plenty of jacks and a parade of adults be it slow. Could not get a big fish ( Coho ) before but yesterday they looked 10 to 12 lbs and straight out of the ocean. So think no staging down low they are simply floating up with the tide. Not a stampede but movement.

I blew my back and could not net my fish so I am guessing on size but I am not far off. Did provide some hysterically funny moments for the guys fishing near me trying to net a fish like that. So the size jump is just unusual this early and they are moving straight up steadily. You East county guys know the 3 or 4 places they will pull up at.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in