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Fishing Rule Change
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Sept. 3, 2014

Change to boundary in North River closure area in Willapa Bay

Action: Closed to recreational fishing in waters north of a line from Toke Point channel marker 3 easterly through Willapa Harbor channel marker 13 (green) then, northeasterly to the power transmission pole located at 4643.19'N, 12350.83'W are closed.

Location: Willapa Bay Marine Area 2-1.

Effective dates: Immediately, through Sept. 20, 2014.

Species affected: Salmon.

Daily limits: Daily limit six fish, of which no more than three may be adult salmon. Release wild chinook.

Reason for action: The Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet had been published prior to rules being adopted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Other information: Anglers should refer to the Sport Fishing Rules pamphlet for other ongoing fishing opportunities.

Information Contacts: Mike Scharpf (360) 249-1205, Mike.scharpf@dfw.wa.gov or Steve Thiesfeld (360) 249-1201, Steve.Thiesfeld@dfw.wa.gov .