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Hi Everyone,

We need to get some information on the AHA model into your hands so you can provide some feedback on the Willapa Bay salmon management policy. To that end, Iím suggesting that folks that want to see where we are to date, which is mostly Chinook modeling, show up at the Montesano office around 4 pm tomorrow. I realize that all of you canít make it, but most can.

Iíll put the AHA model on the screen and walk everyone through a couple of the options so you can see what the results look like (and how doggone cumbersome the model is). The purpose of the meeting is simply to share information/results, and therefore we will be very informal with the public and ad-hoc committee members participating or asking questions at the same time. You probably should not anticipate a lot of on the fly modeling. We can probably do some small tweaks, but anything substantial takes a lot of work. I think this information sharing will helps us be better prepared for a more formal meeting next week.

I am also trying to get the model and options onto the WDFW website ( where folks can look at. If itís not posted by COB this afternoon, Iíll email it out to those that want it. However, the model itself is 11mb and your email may reject it.


Steve Thiesfeld
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Region 6 Fish Program Manager
48 Devonshire Road, Montesano, WA 98563

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