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QIN does NOT acknowledge/accept that GH chinook stocks should be segregated as separate Hump stock and Chehalis stock.... simply that they are an aggregate GH chinook stock. Nor do they acknowledge/accept that weak stocks with no harvestable surplus should be managed with a 10% impact cap. These are the most basic conservation-minded principles built into the GH Advisory's vision of a responsibly-managed salmon fishery in Gray Harbor.


Not to get in a pissing match with my favorite Eye Doctor and fishing friend BUT IT WAS WDFW, Tim Flint, that changed the way, from Aggregate to the current Chehalis/Humptulips segregated method of "dividing up the Grays Harbor Chinook and Coho".......Chum are still figured in the Aggregate by both WDFW and the QIN.

WDFW just "made the change" without telling the QIN, IMO this has caused hard feeling for about 20 years........

I suggest that NOF go back to the days of Aggregate handling of not just Chum but also Chinook and Coho.

The tribes are now the "big boys in the State", WDFW abused their authority and now we are left without ability for meetings to be open to the public and two different plans for how to divide the available fish in Grays Harbor.

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