This came through my e mail and I thought it hit right on.

The Recs (and even the Commies) should recognize that the tribes are their "friends" if all they want to do is catch more fish. QIN would be ecstatic if Hump, Satsop, and Skook, plus Satsop Springs absolutely maximized releases of quality fish.

They use habitat and wild fish as a hammer to get what they want (the Feds are real responsive, too). The big fear in the halls of power is having to protect habitat and actually produce fish in it. GH does not need a single hatchery fish in order to have robust wild runs that would support a larger in-Harbor fishery-sport and Commercial- than you have today. It would take continuing to protect the habitat and require significant changes in AK, BC, and WA ocean fisheries in the short term. Over the long term some ocean fisheries could be put in place. Not as big, but probably limits for all when open.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in