Gillnetting in October, when coho are the species of concern.... quality management right there. Of course, if the Cowboys didn't get those three days, the QIN would have taken four....

Ah no.............. the QIN have been taking advantage of the GHMP 3/5 limiting our ( state ) Chinook impacts when we have had the most havestable Chinook in recent memory. If you look to the preseason model with the run reconstruction the QIN passed on a lot of Coho harvest recently but were quite happy to take what we ( state ) passed on in Chinook. So QIN blowing things apart is a bit off. Now that they not playing nice, one could make that case as well as they have restrained themselves. It is a matter of perspective to be sure.

As strong as supporter of the GHMP I must say it is flawed in three areas and the 3/5 clause being the most blatant. The fact that the Commission did not address it ( and staff refused to bring it forward to them at inception despite knowing of the problem even when I and others raised the issue) set this chain of events in motion. What Doc outlined could happen as well as the GHMP being modified which is more likely to happen next year. The question will likely be if we can save the good from thrown out with the bad.

Oh yeah I read a article that TRM cancelled 2 million in new orders.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in