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Wonder what ever happened to Bob Watson's old program to acquire land, access, easements, and such. And, before that there was an effort by many to acquire access for steel heading on a lot of streams. Wonder why those programs (apparently) died.

Good question.....would take work to contact land owners but I really think that "many land owners would just as soon not have anyone on their property or even going by, summer, winter, fall. The trash that is left on some of my local rivers, all times of the year.

I offered to take Region 6 Director Larry Phillips on a ride from tide water to the 7400 area, just to show him the places that now have no access, where there was "lots", in the late 60's, 70's, 80's....thats when WDFW should have been getting 99 year leases on all the local rivers. At this time I've not had any contact on this request by me.
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