This CCA flyer came in so I thought I would post for you guys inland

WDFW will be hosting a meeting next Tuesday, August 23, from 5:30-7:00PM in Room 110 of the Walton Science Center at the Centralia College campus.

This will be an opportunity to share your views on WDFWs 2017-2019 budget and proposed license fee increase. As currently proposed, the fee increase would result in a doubling of fees for most salmon and steelhead anglers. We are encouraging the angling public to weigh in on the proposal and provide specific feedback to WDFW regarding opportunities to improve sport fisheries and key fishery management policies.

CCA supports funding for our fisheries and hatcheries but we must also ensure that any fee increase is equitable and that WDFWs policies and management decisions are consistent with the conservation and economic benefits of recreational fisheries. Earlier this week CCA sent a letter to WDFW Director Jim Unsworth outlining our concerns and making recommendations for modifying the proposal.

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