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Melanie and I went out Saturday and Sunday, I caught a really nice 10 lb. + silver, hooked nose buck and wild on the outside of the 101 bridge, Melanie lost 2 after a minute or so before spitting the hook. We went up river to Monte, she lost another near the power lines, but it felt like a king. On Sunday we went out near the bridge again, she lost one and had a drive-by as well. She did everything right non all those fish, no lines broke, just pulled the hook. Also had another drive-by. We saw VERY few fish caught, most folks were skunked. We're going out today for a quick trip this morning, going to Portland to see Govt. Mule later. Hopefully more fish moved up with this rain. Nice to see Francis in Monte launching, hopefully you had good luck. Bob R

Hell with the fishing, let us know how Govt Mule goes! Wish I were going!

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