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The GHMP 3/5 prevented a Chinook fishery which as it worked out was OK as the QIN took em on paper and came up with a goose egg.

Not quite but pretty DAM close.


Wk 36: Three days, 31 kings
Wk 37: Five days, 13 kings 4 coho
Wk 38: Two days, nothing reported to date

While I wouldn't doubt those harvest numbers might bump up a bit as they finalize fish tickets from the buyer, the preliminary catch numbers bode POORLY for the chinook run.

Another year in the penalty box.


Looks like I screwed up reading the spreadsheet and got that harvest data wrong.

What I cited above is only for 2C (Hump Estuary)

There were more taken in 2A/2D (Chehalis Estuary):
Wk 36: Three days, 135 kings 16 coho
Wk 37: Five days, 90 kings 29 coho
Wk 38: Two days, nothing reported to date (still)
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