Anyone have a Willapa update? I stayed away this year so most of my information was second hand. With that said the model options presented revolved around NOR Chinook impacts which is correct by the policy. Then this jumped at me. The options for the Rec revolved around bag limits 2 / 4 / 6 ( might have missed one or so ) which is not odd either except this. Willapa's policy is rather new and with the wipe out commercial fisheries in the past absolutely no long term data sets as to the potential Rec impact of a proposal. Add to that marine Willapa is the boat rule for limit so be it 2 / 6 limit it matters little as two or three guys in a boat seldom limit the boat.

So how does the model change? Effort in other words bigger bag limit which means more fishers so more impacts. In river this can track true and usually does but marine? When pigs fly comes to mind. Then how do you model effort that had not existed until the past few years ? You don't to be honest other than WAG ( wild ass guess ) but I think District 17 has developed a new method! It is called the crystal ball method! Gaze into the clear glass ball woefully and the future will be shown. It is likely to be as accurate as what is going on now.

Why is this important? By reducing the Rec harvest ( crystal ball ) it frees up mystical impacts for the Commercial fleet. Now if you think any of the forecasted harvest numbers are correct please give me your " crystal ball " as mine cannot do it!

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in