Ouch. Does a lot to explain what I saw yesterday, fishing both Willapa Bay and the Chehalis. Willapa was weird. Marked fish all over the place, but we only got one lousy bite that didn't stick. Others we talked to hadn't even gotten a bite. Mind you, this was after about 4 days with no nets in 2T, during what should be prime time for coho. Possibly just a "no bite" day, but likely, the runs are coming in well below even the poor prediction.

As for the Chehalis, I think a lot of kings got above the net zones before the Tribe started fishing. I don't think there are anything close to 19K, but there might be more than 3500 between Fuller and S. Monte right now (not that they're biting well, but there seem to be a lot kicking around). As for coho, I've heard several shoulda been here last week reports from the bankies, but I haven't seen any in the few trips I've taken so far. I'm starting to agree that it looks bad, and I wouldn't be surprised if we got shut down after the tribal tally is complete next week.