Quick update on the GH Advisers meeting. The QIN seasons have not been inputted to the model so it is a guessing game but we can get a view of the 2017 seasons.

1. The Chinook forecast is has us in a 5% impact rate as the QIN but they can move around with the aggregate of both Hump and Chehalis so it is not all they easy to predict exactly what will be. The good Coho & Chum returns forecasted pretty much make them the target species for everyone. That said the low Chinook return will likely move the QIN seasons to middle to latter part of October to avoid large numbers of Chinook. Also Springers tanked so that will mess with them also in the summer.

2.The available Chehalis natural origin Coho ( wild ) after ocean harvest should be around 40k so along with the hatchery returns our seasons look OK. Hump is limited to 5% on Coho impact also by the GHMP Staff is looking at options and input from the public also at the next NOF meeting in Monte but our season timeline should look somewhat like last years with some changes again for Springer protections. It appears the Rec bag limit will be something like two adults a day release wild Chinook. ( six jacks also )

3. The meeting schedule for both Willapa and GH has been jumping around the calendar due to staff guidance being a bit different than in the past, I think. It was my bad that I did not send out a final shout out for last night's meeting but will I try to do better.

4. The NT Commercials are looking at options with staff including B in the bay but later in the season to avoid Chinook which is a change.
So forward the process goes but at the moment things look OK unless something weird happens.

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