On sports regs the pamphlet reflects the regs BUT the sport fishing WAC has not been passed so WDF&W has been doing emergency rules to keep it straight sorta. Here is GH http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/emergency_rules/2013/wsr_13-10-024.pdf

Francis the bit you referred to has zero to do with the current WAC or the proposed supplemental. What the adviser's say or anything from North of Falcon IS NOT binding on WDF&W in fact they can just set and let the current CR 102 for commercials go to the commission for approval. http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/development.html#13-01-064 or they can do a supplemental but either way it is the WAC not anything said or NOF speeches that sets law. As of now it is the current CR 102 that is linked above.

The sports WAC is the pamphlet, so to speak, but it does not match the WAC so the emergency and supplemental WAC's are needed to keep the pamphlet and WAC straight. More to come as each time a season or something is different from the 2012 WAC ( which is still running ) does not match the new pamphlet WDF&W will do something to be legal. Most likely supplemental but as CM said they can try a end run with an emergency WAC.

The problem WDF&W has is as DW said, NOF is a " dog & pony show " that never matched the WAC process which is the law. Commercial or sport the manner in which R-6 has done business for years can be seen easily be seen http://apps.leg.wa.gov/wac/registerfiling.aspx?cite=220-36-023 If you take the time it research it this is clear WDF&W has it's mind made up to as to impact numbers for marine sport / fresh water ( river ) / commercial and how much of harvest goes to who / where in February as they prepare the original notice in or around March dependent on the QIN agreement. Now they do move around on species, days, ect but in the end come close to the original numbers they post in the CR 102 which was March this year. http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/2012/wsr_13-01-064.pdf The CR 102 is the first break out on the commercial seasons is seldom much different than the permanent rule that the commission adopts and if it is requires a supplemental WSR filing. The rest that comes with NOF is pure BS as it means about zip.

So look at it this way on the GH / Willapa commercial WAC. If they post it May 22nd it has a 20 day comment period so we are at June 20th. The next meeting of the Commission would be July 5th as the May 22nd posting puts them one day past the Commission schedule http://wdfw.wa.gov/commission/meetings.html. Then the 31 day bit to take effect puts you to August at a minimum. Now if you are a believer in " Murphy's Law " then one could envision a scenario that backs WDF&W up to a time line that would leave few options for supplemental WAC for Willapa and GH so it is emergency rule time. http://wdfw.wa.gov/about/regulations/emergency_rules.html

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