Well just when one thinks things are settling down along comes the games. The bit below is a budget amendment to shut down the Nemah hatchery put forth by Rep Lytton of the 40th district who is also the Dem Floor leader. Now the question is why and who put her up to it? Well we have several likely candidates but Rep Blake is the most likely candidate. You couple this with the hearing redefined to look at Willapa then one can see it is game time again. One might ask Rep Lytton & Rep Blake just what are they doing?

1106-PS2 AMH APP JOND 061

By Representative Lytton
P2SHB 1106 - H COMM AMD (TO H-2884.1/15)
By Committee on Appropriations

1 On page 109, after line 29, insert the following:
2 "(11) The department shall relocate all fish production at the
3 Nemah hatchery to the Naselle hatchery. If the fish and wildlife
4 commission determines that fish production capacity is insufficient to
5 meet fish production needs at the Forks Creek or Naselle hatcheries,
6 the department may continue fish production at the Nemah hatchery."

1106-PS2 AMH APP JOND 061 Official Print - 1
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in