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Fawn Sharp who is President of the QIN recently wrote a op-ed bit for the Aberdeen World newspaper. Good article but dear lord it was about as self serving ( for the QIN ) as one can get. So this was published in the World and was written by the wife of a lifelong East County resident, oh and she fishes.

"As for the 50/50 ruling in Boldt, the state Fish & Wildlife Commission passed a policy for Grays Harbor that prioritized conservation over harvest. At that time, Ms. Sharp was critical of the action on the grounds no conservation issues existed in our area. The Quinaults then moved to take advantage by setting a net season that captured 8,697 Chinook. Far in excess of its 50 percent share, many of those salmon that expired in a tribal net in the Chehalis from the Port of Grays Harbor to S. Montesano were from the non-treaty half that was “foregone” in an attempt to insure enough Chinook reached the spawning grounds.
Ms. Sharp proudly presented the importance tribal citizens place on preserving fishing and restoring habitat. Many in the Quinault Indian Nation deserve that recognition. However, the fall salmon season is approaching and once again the state is asking the non-tribal side to step aside and allow the necessary numbers of salmon reach the spawning grounds. Hopefully, the Quinault Indian Nation will “practice what it preaches” and not take advantage once again by exceeding its right to catch half the fish available for harvest.

Mary Ann Schweitzer

Fawn Sharps OP-ED: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2tWjgmgVy3yYVJNeUFZY2p2NEE/view

If the Quinault do not see "conservation issues" and have not taken steps to work in a realistic manner with co-managers what makes you think they will not take our fish again? I still think that the state is doing the right thing, let the Quinaut talk to the Creator when they have to atone for sins against the planet. You know, if they want to destroy the fish runs for their decendants there is not much we can do about it other then try and do the right thing for the future of the salmon. Let them explain it "upstairs".Bob R