We should be focused on real chinook streams like the chehalis.

Well I think one has to pick the point in time you want to base your plan on. Thing is in the past prior to the changes made by man the Chehalis was a moderate Chinook stream with East Fork of the Satsop being a real producer. This time frame would be prior to Bingham Hatchery when the hatchery was at Schafer Park. The Chehalis was and is a Coho producing SOB but outside the Satsop in the past Chinook prospered in the Hump which performs just the opposite of the Chehalis.

Thing is you cannot return to the past but only try to manage in a manner that allows fish to proper in some manner that may or may not look like the past. Willapa was managed as a kill zone fishery for years. Add to that stocks were moved all over the place resulting in the genetics that exist now. The Willapa policy is a harsh and severe solution to years of abuse and mismanagement and never was intended to make one feel warm and fuzzy all over. It was the method chosen by WDF&W to address the previous bad behavior which by design will have a lot of pain for all harvesters. This was a fact from the get go.

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