Well last nights Willapa Adviser AD HOC meeting went ............. well it went. Commercials were having substantial difficulties in getting their arms around the direction set at Saturday's Commission meeting & HSRG guidelines. On the Rec said I would say most but not all had the same difficulty just different points to object to. From the public view I watched a group folks that were serving as Advisers in this process struggle to comprehend what was happening. I take that back they had and idea what was happening just little understanding of why. Hell there were more members in the public section that have made the meetings and went to the Commission meeting that had a better grip on direction than the AD HOC!

One last thing and this is a heads up to Willapa fishers ( fresh & marine / local & Traveling Wilburys ) and the need to pay attention. In the future all fisheries are going to be governed by Natural Origin Spawners ( NOS ) so pay attention. Commercial / Rec marine / Rec freshwater will rapidly eat up any impacts available. There are not enough to go around and this is going to get mean. So Rec guys realize there needs to be a process that insures that either marine or fresh water do not take a inappropriate share of the impacts. Hell it started last night when one adviser did not think a break out was necessary. Now he fished the marine but believe me I know fresh water locals who are pretty much bent on similar approaches. So Rec get your bloody house in order and DO NOT start down the road of one Rec screwing the other Rec, you will ALL loose in that one.

So here are my notes and remember they are my notes from my perspective.

November 13, 20124 AD HOC Adviser Meeting

Steve Theisfeld ( ST ) opened the meeting.
Introductions around the room and ground rules.

*Right out of the door things got side tracked by a Commercial bitching about not being notified on a Grays Harbor season day.
*ST outlined Commission guidance and process.
*ST outlined that the Commission outlined the "straw dog " options.
*ST outlined direction and HSRG reform.
*Commercial questions on why concerns on North River Chinook.
*Questions on changing from Naselle to Willapa as the primary stream. ( in options )
*Discussion on "aggregate " of stocks for escapement.
*Commercials oppose September 15 exclusion in 2T & U or Chinook priority for Rec fishers and DOWN Hill as we went into a MAJOR bitch session. Ron Warren ( RW ) drawn into it also.
*ST declares meeting break. Several Commercials clearing the moon in one giant leap.

* Look at alternate gear / agency would like new ideas.
*Again Commercial objections to the September 15 lock out 2T and need to change the fish returning run timing.
*Again Commercial opposition to options.
*Commercial wanted to use this year's season as a option.
*Rec's limited on catch by WDF&W rules that reduce fishing productivity. Deck is stacked.
*ST back to options and what can be done to improve fresh water opportunity.
*Streamline process on options.
*Requested to look at starting fish trap but no response from WDF&W.
*Rec gave up 60% of fishable area on Naselle to save Chinook. How's that working?
*Hatchery / wild no need to separate utilize hatchery fish to make wild escapement.
*ST Commission said YOU WILL implement HSRG.
*Lot of discussion on moving Chinook production and managing broodstock.
*Why do we spawn runts?
* Does WDF&W guarantee increased production?
* Disagree with all options.
*Want seven days a week commercial fisheries.
*Commercials days in options must be consecutive. Reduce U back to South Bend boat launch.
*Cut back from 6 fishable runs to 2.
*Retain 2T dip in Commercial fishery.
*ST committed to work on additional options.
*Discussion on how to circulate documents within the AD HOC.
*Deliberate thought on what is written down.
*Question, can we make progress this year on expanded Chum eggtake.
*Review Policy draft at home rather than do it line by line at the meeting.
*ST started through the draft Commission Guidelines line by line.
*Commercial request to redefine 2T and adjoining boundaries. Pretty much a request to do some serious " gerrymandering "
*Add to guidelines / options Rec marine and fresh water harvest split similar to Grays Harbor.

*Objections to focusing on harvest and hatchery production rather than natural spawners.
*Supportive of year end review of WDF&W Region 6 staff.
*Copies of the new Commission Guidelines & Options electronically and a contact person so public can put in input prior to staff having its mind made. Clearly stated this is a public process and if necessary a PDR will be dropped to insure transparency. No back room deals.
*Opposed to utilizing hatchery fish to make escapement. Need to concentrate on selective fisheries to catch fish.
*Gillnet release mortality way to high.
*Back to the past and NOF and Commercial buy back. 48% interception rate exceeds Magnuson Act guidelines.
* I got the Grays Harbor notification and I am not a Commercial so you need to check your e mail.
*Again back to the Grays Harbor one day addition to season. Commercials still stuck on no notification. ST " I sent it out by e mail"

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