But it is so easy to fix, Salmo. we know that we can produce boatloads of coho and chum in hatcheries. If we raise enough fish we really don't need to manage.

I remember that the Puyallup hatchery almost always got its coho egg-take and then some in the face of all the south sound marine fishing and 24/7 in-river glinting. We can overwhelm the nets with hatchery fish. Just gotta get those pesky Feds and that POS ESA out of the way. Heck, we could probably overwhelm the seals with enough production. And, since hatcheries require less land and water than wild fish to produce the same catch we can develop the hell out of the State, thereby generating a bigger economy. We all win. Except, maybe, the natural ecosystem but that's a small price to pay for what we want. Fishing for whatever we want, whenever we want it, wherever we want to fish?