All the AK fish stay in or are accessible only to AK. Which is why they can say **ck you to the rest of the coast because nobody can get their fish.

I doubt that the catch of Willapa Bay Natural Chinook dominates the catch. So, it is incidental to all the other harvestable stocks. A directed fishery on harvestable Chinook.

You are more familiar with the WB and GH numbers than I. IF there was no fishery in WA would the escapement goals be met? IF the fisheries were "properly" managed in season would the goals be met? If so, then both AK and BC could be justified in saying that the problem is with us down here; we can't manage the fishery.

Now, if goals are not being met and the only harvest is up north then we can argue with them. Just a bit of being Devil's Advocate here.....