The first Advisory meeting was " hi how are you " and the second was throw ideas as to seasons in the hat plus some issues. Will add moving the Chehalis opening two weeks forward was put in the mix. The commercial seasons the NT nets put forward was more or less like last year on steroids.

Folks in all honesty I ( or Francis ) could put a lot more feathers on this bird but it would mean little. I will add this, on the issue of the inriver sport getting paper fish and then corked off by the nets was brought forward. Additionally the fact that many traditional fisheries ( such as the late summer Chehalis jacks and tributary Chum ) had been sacrificed in past years and that had to stop was also brought forward. Oh and one more thing, the issue of the mainstem Chehalis commercial fishery on Chum chronically over harvesting mid and upper Chehalis tributaries Chum was discussed.

As a proponent of the public's right to know even I am hesitant to say much more as this was simply the advisers pushing forward broad proposals but will add that two gentlemen from East County attended and observed the meeting with out the sky falling. So it is NOF at Montesano March 14th up next and folks need to attend and push for the sports fisheries. ALL sport fisheries not just your pet. So you do not fish the bay or do not fish tide water or do not fish Chum, well the list is as diverse as the sport fisheries are but what we all must argue for is a complete restoration of all the traditional sport fisheries on harvest of all three spices of salmon. After that as public input is brought into the process with options then wide open discussion time.

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