Here is template going around for objecting to the CR 102's for Willapa and Grays Harbor. As always it is best to draft your own objections but as so many are not familiar with the WAC process that sets seasons I thought I would put this out. Change or whatever you feel is needed or use this template but one should object. You can hard copy your objections to Lori Pruess at

WDFW Rules Coordinator
600 Capitol Way N
Olympia, WA 98501-1091
Phone: 360-902-2930

Or e mail at

July 19, 2013

To: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Re: Proposed CR 102 Supplementals for commercial gill net seasons in Willapa and Grays Harbor

I am a recreational license holder that fishes in Willapa Bay and Grays Harbor and their tributaries. I believe my license entitles me to fish and retain salmon just as much as does a license issued to a commercial gill netter. I do not believe it is proper for the Department to intentionally discriminate against one category of license holders in favor of another.

WDFW has historically allocated 75% to 100% of the Chinook, Coho, and Chum available for harvest in GH and the Willapa to commercial gill netters. At the same time, the number of fish actually reaching the spawning grounds continue to decline creating significant risks for future fisherman of all kinds. The current proposed season continues these improper practices by over-fishing with nets to the point the sportsman and the spawning grounds are shorted fish.

I and other sport fisherman purchase products and services from local small businesses in the areas where I am able to fish. The seasons currently proposed will prove as disappointing this year as it was last year. Many sport fisherman have stated they are not willing to spend the money to travel to fish in Willapa or Grays Harbor if these gill net seasons go forward as planned. The proposed seasons act to discourage tourism in the local towns around Twin Harbors and adversely affect the economy of the region.

It is disappointing that hundreds of citizens can say the same things over and over in meetings, hearings, and letters or petitions and have a public institution like WDFW simply ignore them. The two new proposals do not address the concerns that all those citizens raised with their objections to the first proposals announced earlier this year. Once again, WDFW has chosen to simply ignore the public.

I ask that you do not pass the proposed seasons and develop new proposals that are fair and equitable to those who hold recreational fishing licenses. I sincerely hope an agreement that ends the discriminatory treatment of sports fishing and the favoritism shown commercial gill netters regarding harvest allocation can be found.

Most importantly, for all fishing in these areas, are seasons that no longer over fish with nets. We must allow the fish needed to preserve and maintain the runs to actually complete their journey to the spawning grounds and/or to the hatcheries. Without allowing this cycle to function, the complete fishery in these areas will collapse.

What a travesty this would be, to see no more salmon running in these rivers.

Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in