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Seems to me it should be forbidden for any of our elected leeches to work on anything other than an education bill until the McCleary requirements are met. Every day these clowns put off the elephant in favor of an ant is another $100K in Federal fines.

I agree.....Last year, lots of time was spent on "Introduction of bills that amounted to nothing more than a "waste of time". Then run out of time and have 2 extra sessions, at tax payer expense, AND STILL NOT TACKLE WHAT THE STATE COURT TOLD THEM TO DO, and still getting fined....more of our money being pissed away.......per diem pay should be ZERO.

Every one of the school districts in my area....is running "special levies", .... no change since 1968 when I started teaching.....need to fully fund basic education, as per State Constitution.

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