I don't fish Willapa Bay or any of the rivers, well not in 35+ years. I started going to the meetings to find out how WDFW could allow a net kill rate that was around 85-90 % of the fish taken during a season.....then wanted more.....

Who's going to feed the general public???? Was a theme that the netters, would bring up at meeting after meeting. People adjust, shortage here or there, go to plan B.

General attitude at many meetings was "gill nets" are the only way to fish Willapa Bay......mmmmmmm, guess we'll find out. Do I have an answer?, no, but I sure have to make adjustments when changes in the law force me, barbless hooks or having to fish, in Grays Harbor, above 2 different net fisheries, QIN and NT, and a major Marine fishery.

Change is very late in coming to Willapa Bay but Change is coming, just that the Native stocks have been depleted or non-existence in many of the tribs., for sure not the fault of the sport fishery.

Pain will be felt and only get worse unless selective fishery is the "norm" for Willapa Bay.

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