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LL, your point is? WDFW really seems to have no interest in in-season management. For whatever reason, and WDFW won't answer the question, is that they and the co-managers have adopted an auto-pilot management paradigm. There may be good reasons but they actually need to put them in front of the license-buying public. If, in fact, they care a whit about what the license-buying public thinks.

The short answer would be to help protect the reliability of ocean fisheries.

If ocean harvesters get their fisheries then an up roar by others that donít get a fair harvest might upset the whole apple cart. State and federal management can put up with complaining sport anglers, but co managers working with sport anglers to go after the ocean commercials would be too much to bear. eek2

The ocean fisheries are cancer to conservation.

They not only take first whack at the smaller class of fish in the earlier months, feeding, and then heading to their terminal areas, but also fish over mixed stock from the CR, coast, Strait, PS, and beyond those areas. ESA listed stocks could be better managed in terminal areas.

If there has to be ongoing ocean fisheries to feed the masses, then the least that should be done is use the data that is available to all State and Federal agencies.Which would be counterproductive in looking out for number 1, and No.1 would be the ocean fisheries...

Amen, Brother. I've made some harsh claims about our local co-managers, and while I still think they should do the fish better in general, conservation must begin in the ocean, and that's not on them.

Any amount of conservation in the open ocean benefits wild salmon throughout their range. Talk about a cheap investment in the future (and a slick P.R. move).