Judging by what DW and I have been seeing watching the nets you should not see much change other than a small bump up on reported numbers. The current set with the rain and cooler water should help but the crest of a 200 cfs is at Porter today and the lower trib bounce was not much. Couple this with the 8 1/2 mesh size the QIN by regs are running Chinook gear and is more or less a tangle net for Coho. So .............. I am out of ideas but in the past the QIN have insisted ( and got it signed by both parties in the season agreement ) no in-season adjustments to preseason forecast. Had the Chinook performed as forecast Ed would have looked like a genius conserving Coho and picking up the unused state share. The Chinook did not so he has the other end of the stick so to speak but it will be interesting to be sure to watch play out.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in