So we have the WK 45 numbers modeled and actual it was this:
Chinook 85 actual 27
Coho 484 actual was 781
Chum 2334 actual was 4110

So the pattern changed some and then not all at the same time. Chinook appear to have tanked but remember the nearly four weeks of no commercial in Oct to protect Coho so and it rained so it will redd count time as Doc said. Now the hatchery returns are saying the same with it looking like some over escapement. The Qin forecast was lower than the states but all went with the QIN's numbers but it looks like the higher number the state produced was closer and maybe under estimated. Chum with darn near double the harvest for the week it is still in mysteryville but we did not have double the 37,5000 forecast which is why doing harvest only to track runs sucks. Nothing for week 44 is posted up.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in