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North of Falcon process is nothing but a sham. Lot's of meetings, then to have Phil and his State paid dilo's do what ever they want...and the want is heavy on the side of the non treaty netters.

Don't anyone tell me that the North of Falcon process is a fair way to divide up the resource. Hell, Region 6 blows all the smoke about the goals of fish management then to have many of the rivers in Region 6 not make escapement year after year.

I was at the North of Falcon meetings and even some of the "special hand picked group meetings"........the schedule as it is now WAS NOT TALKED about.....

Shame on you Phil, Ron, Curt and Barb.......Hope all of you "back up to the pay window"...cause you sure don't deserve the monies you supposedly work for.


"No negative impacts to recreational harvest opportunity were identified."


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