Well the QIN numbers are up and here is what they are. Modeled Chinook were 1381 & actual is 2216. Coho modeled 3766 actual is 3857. So what happened? IT rained early and on about the 10th of Sept things changed dramatically. The Coho jacks showed with 3 year Chinook then we did not fish for two weeks. The movement was way way more than one would anticipate and shot gunned all over the place. ( shotgun is the same as scattergun )

How much no one knows but the movement was huge and the QIN dropped on the backside of the movement did well the first 2 day set but things tailed down the second and by the time we fished tide water uninterrupted it was done. Simply put now we wait until the fishes timing catches up with ours as the front part of the run is upstream. Inland guys dream come true for a bit but the fish are staging so bites will decline for most lacking fresh fish.

Maybe / maybe not. There are some fish moving head down straight up the river but how far? No idea but once the Chum start in they will bring the rest of the Oct. part of the run with them if any are still waiting. When it rains in the first part of Nov or earlier and the rivers brown out they will move but that is the Nov fish so guys it is all about where you fish.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in