I am not one of the chosen few.......so I got no 3 ring binder. I always get a few "jabs in".......I call it like I see it......told them that it looked like the beginning of another "Dog and Pony show".....time tells all, major problems in the Chehalis/Humptulips basins........Not many gill netters left......100's of hours are spent in meetings....trying to justify a "cowboy gill net season" for fewer than 20 netters.

Gill netters have a common saying "who will feed the general population if we don't net??????? Hate to have to tell them again but QIN can do the job quite well.

1. I did request that NO NT gill nets above the 101 Bridge.....reason more banks anglers now, don't need to be fishing in muddy water from gill net boats run up river.

2. Hit them, again, with the Wynoochee mitigation that hasn't been spent.....2.4 million......monies to be used for Coho and SH. Told them if they can't get the job done, 23+ years, let the QIN take the lead.

Actually I said something about WDFW sitting around with their finger up their ass and not getting things done.
"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

"I thought growing older, would take longer"