I have not viewed all the videos, but what I saw was disappointing, disturbing, and depressing. Truly unbelievable. I realize FishDoc, RiverGuy, Carcassman, SuperFly, and others have been concerned about this for decades, but it's startling to see it firsthand. Thanks to all who put this website together, and the folks who continue to fight the good fight.

However, I see a close link between this issue and the current issue of revamping the F/W Commission (HB1189). Whenever the commercial folks don't get their way, they run to their representatives to trot out a proposal to rig the Commission or dismantle it entirely. These bills don't usually get very far, but they still serve their purpose - which is to intimidate the F/W Commissioners. A shot across their bow. Send a message that the commercial folks are politically powerful, and that unless the Commissioners "get in line", the intimidation will continue.

It's clear the commercial folks have a great situation on GH and the Chehalis (but not so great for the fish nor the recreational anglers). The Commission knows this; so their instructions to WDFW leadership are likely very clear - "Do whatever you need to do to maintain viable commercial fishing on GH". That might include rigging the computer models, using phony numbers in the spreadsheets, back-calculating the survival estimates needed to justify the commercial fishery, ignoring the actual escapement levels, and developing PR stunts like survival boxes and "selective fishery" methods without actually requiring their use.

Ideally, more and better transparency through videos and public engagement will turn things around. The website is a terrific start.

Sorry for the rant, but this situation is disturbing.

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