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Some could say that WB represents the best WDFW can do.

And some most certainly have.

I have a little more faith in the current team given its demonstrated ability to hold itself accountable to the policy in Grays Harbor.

They still need to SHOW US in Willapa Bay.

The harvest models in GH are a much truer sign of reality since Scharpf took over data processing. WB has some catching up to do. The harvest models are chronically understating the true fishing power of the fleet by 25-30%.

When we used to shoot for a 30% harvest rate pre-season, we consistently ended up at 36-38% post-season. Now that we shoot for 20%, we end up at 25-26% post-season. The correlation is so consistent that the fix is stupid easy to figure out.

Set the seasons with impact caps 25% lower than the policy allows and they'll end up right where they need to be!
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