Now this is a bit different. I would imagine as ocean survival and down the road a bit the fall out from low survival from the drought comes home 2 or 3 years down the road we will see more of this. Tribe vs tribe, Rec vs Rec, Commercial vs just everybody. Interesting is not the word I would choose, unorganized chaos comes to mind. Anyhow read away.

The Daily World

A Federal District Court Judge handed down a decision Thursday that found the Quinault Indian Nation and Quileute Tribe has usual accustomed fishing rights 30 miles from their territory.The ruling comes after the Makah Indian Tribe filed a suit in 2009 saying at the time of the Treaty of Olympia, signed in 1855, the two tribes only had fishing areas five to ten miles into to the ocean from their territory.Judge Ricardo Martinez found that at the time the treaty was signed, the two tribes did have usual and accustomed fishing rights for 30 miles in the ocean from their territory based on evidence presented at trial, said Seattle-based Lawyer Eric Nielsen, one of the attorneys who represented the Quinault Nation.

The treaty between the United States and the Quinault and Quileute Indian Nations reserved both tribes’ rights to continue fishing in familiar areas in exchange for giving parts of their territory to the U.S.The suit was part of the 1974 U.S. v Washington (Boldt) case which confirmed tribal treaty fishing rights. That case was supported by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1978.“We make every effort to avoid intertribal conflicts such as this, and that was certainly the case here,” said Quinault Nation President Fawn Sharp. “But the Makah Tribe, joined by the State of Washington, brought this lawsuit to limit the Quinault Nation’s treaty ocean fishing so Quinault was forced to defend its treaty rights.” - See more at:

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