Many have asked what do I think about the Willapa Management Plan effort underway. Well a bit chaotic is a understatement and additionally so far the public has had little input into the process at this point. I admit it can be, is, and will continue to be confusing to most. WDF&W staff have attempted to get information out ( a lot of it ) but I do not think they fully understood how to make it understandable to the average citizen.

Below is my view of a modified 1B for all to look at and think about / kick the crap out of / use as a starting point.

Highly Modified Option 1B


Shift primary Chinook designation from Naselle River to Willapa River
Shift Chinook production from Forks Creek Hatchery to Naselle Hatchery
Time and area priorities per guidance
Commercial fisheries begin 10/1
Commercial limited to only 2 days per week in 2T and 2U beginning 10/1
No directed commercial chum fisheries until spawner goal achieved three out of five years. ( beginning 2010)

Policy Component Proposal
Species Priority Chinook: Recreational priority with no commercial fishery through October 1.
Coho, Chum: Commercial priority.
Area Priority Areas 2T, 2U: Recreational priority with no commercial fishery through October 1;
WDFW-managed commercial gillnet fisheries in the aggregate area areas 2T, 2U,2M, 2N, 2R & 2P shall be scheduled, if possible, so that in any given calendar week there are a minimum of five consecutive days when no state-managed commercial fisheries occur.
Areas 2M, 2N, 2R & 2P: Commercial fisheries after October 1 scheduled to meet conservation objectives.
Chinook Primary Populations Willapa River & North River
Hatchery Production Hatchery Chinook Coho Chum
Forks 0.4M
0.3M 0.3M
Nemah 3.3M - 0.3M
Naselle 3.3M
1.4M 0.3M
Chum Streamside Incubation Boxes 200,000 (current)

Chum Fishery Management No commercial fisheries Oct. 15-31 until spawner goal achieved 2 consecutive years. If the number of natural-origin spawners was less than the goal in 3 out of the last 5 years (beginning in 2010), the Department shall implement the following measures:
a) The predicted fishery impact for Chum in WDFW-managed fisheries in the Willapa Harbor & tributary streams will not exceed 5% of the adult return to Willapa Harbor.

Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in