About Willapa Rec seasons:

I thought this was important enough to put up. That said I would urge all to think through their responses and not let the baggage of the past management cloud one's thoughts. Verbiage such as Commies, knuckle draggers, barbarians to describe commercial interest should not be viewed as helpful. It is a honest attempt by Steve to reach out and engage the Rec community for input on how maximize Rec opportunity in Willapa. Frankly this is something new for the coast. So read what Steve is asking and participate if you choose. His e mail address is below.

Hi Folks.

I need some help. What would you do to increase the recreational catch (and effort) for coho? Open closed areas? Increase daily limit? Less selective fishing? Would appreciate any thoughts you might have. The analyses I have done so far donít show an effect of the commercial fisheries, like we see with Chinook.


Steve Thiesfeld
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Region 6 Fish Program Manager
48 Devonshire Road, Montesano, WA 98563

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