The link provided is to a document that was attached to a e mail in the latest PDR response. Why is this interesting one might ask? Well it concerns Wynoochee Mitigation and not the funds from TCL but the ORIGINAL dam mitigation. Twice before WDF&W has attempted to cut the Steelhead Mitigation in budget reductions and the local folks nailed them. Seems old WDG used the funds to upgrade Aberdeen Lake Hatchery and guaranteed they would make up future shortfalls out of pocket. Now WDF&W appears to be out rummaging around again.

The thing about both the original mitigation and the failure to produce the additional fish that were funded at the time the dam power plant went in 1993 is utter lack information they provide even when asked point blank.

Anyway here is the link.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in