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RW needs to be fired.

WB chinook management has been a fiasco for over a decades and its all been on RWs watch whether as Region 6 director, or as a leader in olympia.

This should have been the simplest chinook fishery to manage in the entire state and over the course of his career he's screwed it up so bad nobody will be fishing in a few years, there will be no hatchery operations for chinook and a feral hatchery stock will be ESA listed and eventually dwindle to nothing.

How you take a fully integrated chinook hatchery/wild stock and end up with what we have today is beyond me.

WDFW can't get out of its own way in WB.

The idea that WB is a complex management problem for chinook is nonsense. Its simple compared to the rest of the basins in the state. The policy is simple. The plan is simple (and wrong). The politics and circumvention of the policy are the only thing that is really complex.

Great Bender has it right. Things will continue down the Sh%$ hole as long as the same "good ol boy" is managing the show. RW has had his fingers in every crap pie that the Department has baked!

The removal of Unsworth was like cutting the tail off the snake. Who was the driving force behind Unsworth's dismal performance? I can tell you, RW and Grossmann hold just as much responsibility for the mess as anyone, perhaps more!