Here's the meeting time and place set for the public meeting with the panel of 3 experts that have been retained to issue a recommendation to WDFW on a commercial selective gillnet mortality for Chinook and Chum in Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay. There will be a short presentation from Twin Harbors Fish & Wildlife Advocacy (Tim Hamilton) and then WDFW (Jim Scott). A question and answer period will follow. Then, the public in attendance will be allowed the opportunity to speak and offer their comments.

After the public meeting, the members of the panel will issue a report that includes their recommendations on mortality rates for selective fishing with a gillnet in the two coastal estuaries.

The GA Building is located a block off Capitol Way on the edge of the Capitol Campus. The meeting is in the auditorium. Parking is difficult in the immediate area.

Workshop Date, Time, and Location: The workshop will occur on February 26, 2-5PM, in the Auditorium of the General Administration Building in Olympia. Best idea may be to park on P-3 at the Natural Resources Building (WDFW offices) and walk the two or so blocks to the GA Building at 210 11th Ave SW, Olympia, WA 98501.
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