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WDFW can save a few $$ and stop stocking any hatchery chinook in the Chehalis basin

SG the Chinook of hatchery origin in the Chehalis come primarily from Satsop Springs operated by the LOCAL community, are as close to 100% broodstock as humanly possible to get and have about ZERO additional impacts added to harvest, be it tribal or Non Tribal, to Natural Origin Recruits. ( NOR ) Prior to the local effort the E. Fork Satsop Chinook had been nearly wiped out for whatever the reason and the effort by folks are pretty much the only reason the Satsop sub basin Chinook have recovered to the levels they have. On the legal SG I think Scott & Thiesfeld are trying ( now the but ) BUT while they might get by me with some BS there is no way they get Tim, Ron, & Art let alone Mr. Joe their attorney.

Say speaking of the science panel it is surprising what rolled out. Besides what Doc said another is the Rec catch they caught that inriver numbers modeled for catch prediction was charged against the total run size. Say the run was 100k then the Bay Rec, QIN, and Non Treaty net take fish 45k so you have 55k remaining that the inriver sport ( and Chehalis Tribal ) fish on. The GH model was developing the inriver impacts off of the 100k rather than 55k remaining which resulted in the modeled impacts to be far greater than they really would be. Plain English the inriver was getting screwed one more time, BIG time. Which is when Doc, I, and others put forth the model inaccuracy of under reporting NT Nets & bay rec and OVER estimating Rec inriver we went on the hunt. Thanks to the panel we have part of the answer now.

Doc is also correct in that the new mortality rates for selective fishing will apply to Willapa. The out of court settlement was for BOTH. Also this was the scientific panel draft as some changes are going appear in the numbers as it is finished and Chum which are a straight non retention gillnet not selective in any manner is going to have a new mortality rate also.

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