Well to be honest you should be seeing dead fish for heavens sake. 227 in fresh water, 451 in the bay, and NT net 170 all from C&R. Then you have the natural mortality which in many years is substantial due to environmental conditions, then you have the fish that are injured in the QIN nets that usually die off upstream Porter down. That folks are using bait that has some mortality is normal. It would have been higher if the NT Nets had been fishing using recovery boxes which do not recover, when they use them that is. So morts in a river with catch & release is normal. Difference between that and other fisheries is you see them but in marine to much water.

With the C&R rates and net drop out both tribal and NT we will kill somewhere around 1500 Chinook that end up on the bottom. Now if ones thoughts are we get rid of C&R so not to offend ones sensibilities ........... good luck on that one.

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