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Depends on WDFW's priority. They had the Makah troll data (back when there was the huge overage) but there were other data entry priorities.

Kinda knew that someone would stick up for WDFW not doing the job in a "timely manner".

Monday and Tuesday, not many NT fishermen.......come on now, number reporting could be done by any WDFW secretary.....cc's to all people that have need to know, posting done by "whoever" in Olympia....all done, in a very few minutes.

I'd like to see a breakdown in hatchery and wild, that could be even more meaningful than total numbers. The breakdown might be getting done but sure not shared with the general public.

Funny how sportsmen have to record, H and W, on the punch card and that information is not useable for "at least a year, but sometimes longer".
"Worse day sport fishing, still better than the best day working"

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